Test and Tag, Electrical Tagging and Testing

Australian Workplace Test and Tag Lic No: 65935

HEAD OFFICE: Unit 2/ 9 Stockwell Place Archerfield QLD

AWTT specialises in the provision of the highest quality testing to the Australian and New Zealand standards across the following range of services.

  • Testing and Tagging of portable electrical appliances
  • Residual Current Device (RCD) / Safety switch testing
    Emergency and Exit light testing
  • Portable fire equipment inspections
    Thermal imaging of electrical switchboards
  • Microwave Leakage testing

Unlike many of our competitors, AWTT started its compliance heritage as an electrical contractor in Queensland and later moved into the realms of Portable Fire equipment. As QLD has its own electrical safety department it has tightened the requirements of Test and Tag service providers to hold at least an electrical contractors license.

The company founder had a vision to provide the most comprehensive electrical testing possible and with a team predominantly made up of electrical tradesmen, he set about making this happen.

Over 10 years on and with a new owner in place, we are continually building upon and maintaining this high standard while ensuring that our clients and staff are not subject to potential threats in the workplace caused by inadequate testing and minimal standards of delivery.
Our service has been utilised by many national companies including but not limited to Goodstart Early Learning, Careers Australia, City Beach and Mission Australia.

AWTT, like most companies, has a people first philosophy which is depicted in our logo named “Pluggo”. This happy plug / face appears on all compliant assets and reinforces our mantra “FACES”. More than an acronym of what we do, it is incorporated into the way we do business and interact with people. We believe in building relationships with our customers and the best way to do this is face to face whenever possible

All of the services we offer would be carried out to exacting Australian and New Zealand Standards 3760, 2444, 1851, 3504, 2293 and other legislative requirements to ensure your company complies with all statutory safety compliance requirements.

These compliance tasks would all be electronically recorded at the time of test and entered into your compliance database. This database is maintained by us and is backed up into several different secure locations. We then generate reports to substantiate your compliance and upload them into our cloud based Compliance Management System (CMS).

Any nominated personnel can simply login and open any compliance report for any of your sites, at any time and from any location.

This is extremely useful for any internal or external WHS audits. These reports not only provide a summary of what was inspected and when, but will also list the results of individual tests thus demonstrating the assets compliance to the current standards.

Your nominated personnel will receive a booking request one month before your items are due for their next test. Automated emails can be set up to remind them of the upcoming booked appointment. Technicians are assigned these jobs electronically with a list of what is due for retesting attached. Technicians then make the final contact by phone directly to the job site to confirm this visit.

Always aiming to minimise disruption to your workflow we would where possible access the site early enough to test all point of sale assets and servers prior to your normal hours of operation.

Technicians are all provided with smartphones enabling job cards to be completed and signatures obtained electronically. This also provides them access to our on-line WHS system allowing technicians to report incidents, accidents, hazards and more, electronically in almost real-time.

Once completed all data is downloaded into your database and the process is then repeated.

As you can see our process has been well thought out, established and proven. This method not only ensures your compliance but also aids in document control and even allows you the opportunity to promote the use of an environmentally sustainable supplier.

AWTT manages local contractors where required. This helps to support local communities and ensures we stay current with interstate legislation changes while ensuring adequate coverage and flexibility for our client’s needs. All contractors are required to use our process and procedures, we therefore conduct regular quality audits to ensure our standards are met.

Our work standards are regulated by the most stringent requirements of our home state of QLD, where licensing of electrical workers must go through the Qld Electrical Safety Office (ESO) and Fire protection service providers are required to be licenced through the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). This ensures our workers receive regular skills checks and meet other requirements such as CPR / LVR training.

Safety underpins everything we do, so only a reputation for excellence will suffice. We are committed to constant vigilance and improvement.

Our promise to you is to:

Strive to eliminate all injuries and incidents
Provide a quality service
Be honest and open
Constantly pursue excellence in all that we do
Drive inefficiencies out of the business
Manage interfaces and communicate with all stakeholders
Be flexible, to meet the business drivers of your company
Work with you to improve systems and processes

We are committed to delivering exceptional service, building an enduring working partnership and laying the foundation for future growth and success of your company and ours.



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